The Revival Fund

While watching an Orpheus production, you can see exactly where your donations are going. Your $100 covered fabric for four costumes. $750 bought the plywood for a set. $1000 allowed you to hear at least three performers by giving them microphones. Quite simply, without your generous donations, we would not have been able to continue providing you with high quality, community musical theatre for 114 years! As we anxiously await the opportunity to return to the stage for you, you may be wondering where your donations are going. We assure you that Orpheus is not going anywhere, and perhaps we can now shine the spotlight on some behind the scenes costs.

This period of extended intermission offers us the time to rebuild and to reinvest in our organization. It is the time for an Orpheus Revival. We are implementing measures to improve our operations, our membership and volunteer experience, and our facilities. Each item will in turn improve our product, and ensure that we return to the stage better and stronger than ever before. Here is some of what we're working on:

  • A new Membership Management Software, offering a centralized space for internal production/committee communications, external communications, engagement retention, and online payments. This has been launched, and is how you are now able to make donations quicker than ever before;
  • A Production Office, offering our members and volunteers a space to work on site, and consolidate their hundreds of documents;
  • A renewed dedication to offering classes and workshops to improve the skills of our artists, and those in the greater Ottawa community. Instructors will be industry experts who can effectively share the tools to ensure higher quality productions through better designs and performances;
  • Increased outreach and accessibility programs to ensure a more diverse membership, audience, community, and product;
  • A safe, hospitable, and functional facility, allowing our Board and departments the opportunity to work effectively and efficiently. This includes redesign, renovations, and a large amount of waste removal, as evidenced in the photo below;
  • A safe Parking Lot so our members and volunteers no longer have to fear slipping on ice in those winter months; and,
  • More! 

Whether through an upgraded facility, a training course, or better platforms to remain connected with you, each item will ensure that we return to the stage for you stronger than ever before. Your donations help make that happen! Thanks to your generosity, Orpheus can cover the thousands of dollars worth of waste removal, or the $30,000 in parking lot repairs. Thanks to you, we can pay out of work artists for their time and skills to help improve our productions, and the greater Ottawa arts community. Thanks to your donation of any amount, we can maintain our $140,000/year house operations with the lights on, water warm, and heat running. We look forward to sharing that progress with you over the coming months.

Donating to Orpheus today has never been easier! You can experience one of the improvements first hand right now! By clicking "Donate Now!", you will be able to choose from a list of suggested amounts, or specify your own. You can also set an automated frequency of your donation: Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, or One Time. That way, you never have to worry. You know your annual donation will be made. Perhaps you're unable to provide $100 at the moment, but can do $25 quarterly, or specify $8.33 monthly. This flexible option allows you to donate on your schedule, with your budget. Then, enter your preferred payment method, and process. Credit cards will be processed safely and securely, and will receive an instantaneous tax receipt via email. Prefer cheque or cash? No problem! That option remains available.

Consider contributing  to all of these improvements today by donating to The Revival Fund. We thank you for your generosity and support! Until we see you from the stage again, may you stay healthy and positively occupied.


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Goal: $50,000.00

Days Left: 114


After another stay at home order, we are back at it and ready to tackle a number of projects: $43,000 - Improve parking lot drainage, surface, fence, and retaining wall to protect volunteers from the dangers of an icy winter; (advanced from 2026) $22,000 - Resurface the costume room floors where tripping hazards have been present; (deferred since 2016) $15,000 - Upgrades to the workshop with safer tools, improved dust extraction, and more efficient storage ensuring our set builders are working in a safe environment; $6,500 - Fall restraint system for the hoist shaft in the paint loft with working at heights training to comply with provincial standards and protect our workers; $4,500 - Mold remediation in the workshop - COMPLETE; $6,000 - Duct cleaning for all forced air furnaces providing clean air in an ever aging building; $3,000 - Production office with computers networked to Orpheus system and printers, providing a dedicated workspace for our volunteer administrators - COMPLETE; $2,100 - Upgrade to props with paint booth, paint locker, and re-vamped storage/workstations to ensure an effective workspace for our artistic creators; $2,000 - Shareable inventory database for props and costumes departments to foster the best possible designs for each show; and, More! Your first month donations totaling more than $10,000 gave us the kick start we needed to begin planning. We're still a ways away from our goal of $50,000, but we know we'll get there with your continued support and I can't wait to share more progress with you! Stay Tuned!

$25.00 from Tanya in Ottawa,

$25.00 from Tanya in Ottawa,

$25.00 from Tanya in Ottawa,

$100.00 from Michael in Kanata, Ontario

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